Keeping It Sexy: 9 Date Night Tips For New Parents

Keeping It Sexy: 9 Date Night Tips For New Parents
The days with baby are long; early-morning wake up calls from the nursery followed by a full day of bottles, burps, diaper changes, playtime, unsuccessful naps, mess cleaning, appointments, classes and a mountain of other chores that we like to call the ‘baby admin.’ Let’s be honest – planning a date night and arranging childcare can feel like just another time consuming task when you’re exhausted by the time baby’s bedtime rolls around. In early parenthood land, nodding off by 10 pm can feel more decadent than a swanky night out and getting a good night’s sleep can earn some serious locker room bragging rights. So, how can you make planning date night less hassle and more pleasure? How do you avoid turning that much needed romantic tryst into a snooze fest? How can you help keep those passionate feelings at the forefront of your mind when you’re both ready to go home? I’ve consolidated some of the best tips I’ve heard and some personal tried and true methods for keeping date night a swoon worthy experience: before, during and long after the cab ride home… The Problem: Finding The Time The Solution: Don’t wait until a good time magically reveals itself. Do commit to one evening, once a month to start and plan long in advance. The Result: Having it on your calendar helps build anticipation and makes it as real and important as a business meeting or a doctor’s appointment (only way more exciting). The Problem: What To Do? The Solution: Don’t go overboard and try and fit in everything you’ve been missing since baby was born (drinks, dinner, movie, dancing & more!) Do choose something you’ll both enjoy and will give you that third date feeling or try something totally new and different, the best discoveries are made together. The Result: A good time had by all. The Problem: What To Wear? The Solution: Don’t squeeze yourself into Spanx (have you ever heard of a man seductively tearing off constricting fat concealers?) Do wear red lipstick, your favorite-of-the-moment dress and comfortable enough to dance in heels. The Result: You’ll look and feel like a vixen but you won’t bunch and limp unsexily by the end of the night. The Problem: There Is No Mystery Left. You spend so much time getting ready for your date nights together that any mystery is gone before you even walk out the door. The Solution: Don’t pee in front of your husband, unless he’s into that (I’m not judging!) it will never be sexy. Do hire the babysitter an hour earlier and take that time to girly primp and make your way to meet your husband (coming straight from work) at the restaurant/bar/etc. The Result: Walking in the door and turning his head makes you feel sexy. Seeing him sitting at the bar, smoking hot and still in a suit from the office, even sexier. The Problem: Staying In The Mood. That long day and the sleepiness that comes with a little too much wine makes staying in the mood an uphill battle against welcoming unconsciousness by night’s end. The Solution: Don’t let a good opportunity get away and Do afternoon delight! Take advantage of baby’s longer afternoon nap and each other. The Result: That sexy shared secret feeling of having been there, done that and oh-so-recently makes for a fun and relaxed date night. The Problem: It's All About Baby. The biggest and most amazing thing you will ever share in common is that perfect creature you created together. And as your greatest thing in common, she also dominates every conversation. Note to self: baby’s bowel movements are not sexy. The Solution: Don’t avoid talking about baby, she’s a shared joy. Do commit to not talking about baby for the last half of the date. The Result: Rediscovering each other and narrowing your focus compounds those feelings of intimacy from when it was just the two of you. The Problem: Babysitter Emergencies. All one hundred of the ones you've imagined are happening at any given moment. The Solution: Don’t get angry or frustrated with yourself for thinking or worrying about baby. Do text the babysitter for a quick, reassuring update and then try and remember how much you miss alone time with your husband too. The Result: Revel in the moment and the knowledge that here and now… You really can have it all. The Problem: Snapping Back Into MOM-mode. The Solution: Don’t make it easy to fall back into mama mode by getting the recap of the baby’s night. Do have your husband pay the babysitter while you pour another glass of wine and relax in the bedroom (there’s nothing you can’t ask the babysitter the next day if she hasn’t already let your husband know). The Result: Your mind stays focused on romance a little longer. The Problem: It Didn't Turn Out Exactly As Planned. The Solution: Don’t dwell on what went wrong (a spilled drink, a sold out film or a broken heel). Do stay focused on what went right (the conspiratorial whispers, the shared laughter and the lingering kisses). The magic can’t come to light if you keep darkening it’s path. The Result: Amazing date night bliss.

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