Butterflyaee, 47
United States, New York, New York
A few words about you: I'm an open-minded, thoughtful person who enjoys connecting with others and cultivating relationships. I'm introspective and appreciate that quality in others. I like to surround myself with warm, engaging, caring people. I have an adventurous spirit but am also grounded and practical-minded. I always try to look for the larger lesson in some of life's more difficult moments. I believe that people come into our lives at a certain time for a reason, and there's always an opportunity for growth and something to learn. I enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle that includes frequent exercise and physical activity. I love being in nature; hiking when the weather's nice, exploring new areas, climbing, going to the beach, visting book stores and antique shops, taking weekend road trips, seeing movies, concerts and shows, reading, listening to music. I'm always up for new experiences and fun adventures! I value intellectual stimulation and emotional connectedness in my relationships, and am interested in meeting someone who is comfortable communicating his thoughts and feelings; a mature man who is kind, genuine, compassionate, self-aware and ready to let a meaningful relationship evolve with the right person. Honesty, transparency, trust, understanding and good communication are all important qualities to me. I love to laugh and do so often! I'm creative and enjoy expressing myself in a variety of ways. While I appreciate great artistry in all it's forms, I am most consistently moved by music. Music has always had the ability to touch me deeply and I appreciate all different genres. I'm not looking for someone to "complete" me; I'm an independent, self-sufficient woman. I'd like to meet someone who enhances my life, and I theirs. I'm interested in meeting someone who has the time to devote to a budding relationship, and the space in his heart to let someone in (over time.)
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Height: 5' 3" (160 cm)

What are you looking for: man

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