tenderlove28, 34
United States, California, Austin
A few words about you: I would describe myself as an untouched flower that needs care. I'm ready to blossom but I need that special person whose eyes I could please. just woman who is lonely in this world and wants to be happy in relationships. .Family is the most important thing for me - I'll never play with feelings of other people or make them hurt - it's not about me. But at the same time I respect myself and I'll never let anybody to do the same with me. I would be interested in meeting someone like I want to find a man who would be my whole world. I am looking for a man who can understand and support me in everything. A man, who will make me happy and will give me true love. I am confident that somewhere in this world, there is my perfect half, who is waiting and looking for me, as well as I'm waiting for him. I hope that soon we will meet and our love will be stronger than the love of Romeo and Juliet. I would like to "Do Lunch" with My dad cos i missed him.
Ethnicity: Other Ethnicity
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)

What are you looking for: Seeking my other half.."

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