animallvr, 43
United States, Tennessee, Memphis
A few words about you: I lve animals and I am very tnder harted.I wnt to meet people that love animals and love the heart first. I hve no disr to lve material things. God and family cms 1st bt othr thn that I am vry layed bck. I am country all the way@ hope to live on alot of land.I do not want to live in a city.I wonna be in the country and I sure do not wonna be your neibor, only cause I love my privacy. I lve horses, dogs, cats etc. God is first, child all the rest just falls into place. I love the outdors. I do not like to grdn and pick flowers but cld clean my horses stall anyday. I can be a lady at any time but like to do the tom boy stuff. I was rased on 4 whelrs, motrcycles, go carts. I have 3 oldr brothrs, I am the baby@only girl. I was beat up whn I was a child by the boys just cause.. so I had to lrn to be tough. I dnt mnd getin dirty(yea like mud and stuff,)I keep my house clean but I am not gonna live to clean house.if you are looking for a made instead of a mate you are looking at the wrong one. I love the ocean, I love to fish but when the fish is close to the bank I am throwing the pole down and it is all yours.ask me about that later.(sorry guys I cant kill bambi , but you can just dont expect me to eat it.).I want a real man that can cry with me and stand up for me when need be. I like to stay in my PJ's or no PJ's unless I have to go somewhere and I like to know I can be myself. I like to snuggle and want that hug and kiss when you come home from work and I want you to think of me when your not with me. sounds corney but that is me. I joke all the time and I love beyound what my heart is actual capable of. I want to look at you and look at your heart and soul through the eyes. I am very loving and I expect the same for me and my child. I just read this and I feel like I came across strong but really just not intrested in playing head games. it is important to be friends first and you can never have to many. what happens after that is what is ment to happen. Describe your faith and spiritual goals I love the lord!!!!! He comes first. Things that I like to do in Memphis ride horses..have all the kids over my house so they can play and have fun. I love to go to soccer games and watch my kids play.....they are the soccer queens!!!!!! hang out with my friends and I love my job so I do alot. Places that I like to take a date in Memphis well no where cause millington stinks. lol I would be interested in meeting someone like I want to meet that man that is in touch with himself and is confident but not to over confident. I love the man in the uniforms too. yummmm. if you dont have a uniform that is ok too. but If I wanted an A double s I would have stayed married to the old one. I want you to be tender hearted towards animals and me and my baby. I want you to want to come home to me and I cant wait to see you. I like the softer side but I also want to know you are ready to bat for me any day. I want to be able to talk to you with out a fight and be open at all times. But MOST OF ALL I want you to love me for me!! I will do so in return.If you are not a boob man you need not apply!!I want you to be able to show your emotions and not care who see's and be able to go to work and be tesed by your fellow mates that u are wrapped@ not be ashmed to admt it. I like reading people through the eyes. the eyes tell alot of a person if you look at them right when I first meet you I meet your eyes I am not concerned about looks well that is the least of the piroty's. it is your heart I am after. Answer this question for me hey, which way is the smell of the horse poop going so I can stand in the other direction. hahahaha. see I never can be serious. no really, just anything. If I could wish for one thing that would be to see my grandmother again and just huge her one more time and to have my puppy that I had for ten years that got hit by a car back. hey that is 2 wishes. i would choose my dog back cause my grannie suffered so with cancer and I would never take her from the place that is most glorious!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to "Do Lunch" with God, so he could give me a list of the what fors and the how comes and the path that has my name on it.. hahaha. or seeing I cant have lunch with him I would settle for trace adkins yummmmmm. hahaha. love that tall, dark and handsome man lordie cant even watch his videos it kills me!!!!!lol
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Height: 5' 3" (160 cm)

What are you looking for: Age Range: 27 - 55 Ethnicity:Latin, Native American, Pacific Islander, White, East Indian Height Range: 163 cm - 213 cm Relationship Status:Single, Divorced Drinking:Drinks, No Drinkers Family:Has Kids Faith:Christian Income:$50,000-$75,000, $30,000-$50,000 Languages:English

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