Shannonw1973, 46
United States, Washington, Seattle
A few words about you: Moving to Washington end of FEB...Well let's see. I thought that I would re write my page since I am convinced that no one reads it anyway, I think more time's than none it is the picture that captivates ones curiosity. Initial physical attraction is what makes us pursue one another. So I can sit here and say all these things about what I like and what I am looking for but for the most part that would be what I think I like when in reality I am not sure myself. I have found that different things attract us to different people. It's finding all those things in one person,but its not just those thing's its all things, the simple things that only you see in each other.It will hit both of you at the same time and you will know that it's just right everything you ever wanted and so much more. I think that we all have an idea in our heads of how we would want our perfect mate to lets say the way they look, the kind of job they may have, what kind of background they have, kind of personal stats they may have. For me I had a reality check When I came single again after several years I thought that I was a pretty attractive still young woman with no children who would have no trouble getting back out meeting men. I found that that image one has of the perfect mate is a lot more important than I ever expected to some people, what ever happened to the most important thing you can give is to give one self totally and completely without reservation. I guess I am still old fashion that way. What I am trying to say is if it is meant to be it will happen,
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Height: 5' 3" (160 cm)

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