17 Women On The ‘Dirtiest’ Thing They’ve Ever Done

17 Women On The ‘Dirtiest’ Thing They’ve Ever Done
1. “I once gave a blowjob to an ex-boyfriend behind a gas station and we weren’t even getting gas. Absolutely he remembered what he’d been missing.” —Erin, 25 beetlejuice 2. “Let a guy eat me out in a public parking lot. It was during a concert so everyone was inside but this was without a doubt one of those moments I don’t want my father to ever hear about.” —Jenny, 22 beetlejuice 3. “I had done anal with my ex-boyfriend before but it never really did much for me. After we broke up I hooked up with a friend who wanted to do it and when I told him I’d never really enjoyed it he said ‘let me try.’ He then positioned my desk in front of a mirror in such way that when he bent me over it all I could see was my own face and body. Then, when I was about to cum he started to lightly choked me. I literally fell down I came so hard.” —Daria, 24 beetlejuice 4. “Once dated a guy that would come into the shower and put his fingers in my vagina and lead me to the bedroom that way when he wanted morning sex.” —Jennifer, 26 beetlejuice 5. “Let my boyfriend cum in me and then straddled his face. We hadn’t talked about doing that before, totally spontaneous. I must have cum three times while he was cleaning me up.” —Shelly, 27 beetlejuice 6. “Was with a regular FWB who was a demon in bed and felt totally submissive to him. Ended up telling him ‘this is your pussy’ over and over and over. I think it turned me on even more than it did him. I don’t think I’ve felt as open and full since.” —Mia, 28 beetlejuice 7. “There is nothing hotter to me than my bf cumming inside me. This might be tame to some people but looking him in the face when he’s cumming in me is the biggest turn on.” —Paula, 23 beetlejuice 8. “Had sex with my college boyfriend when I knew his roommate was watching us and jerking off.” —Veronica, 21 beetlejuice 9. “Pretended to be his secretary and got under my man’s desk while he was working on a Saturday and sucked his cock while he kept working. Definitely plays into my sex in public places fetish and my submissive tendencies.” —Erica, 32 beetlejuice 10. “Pegged my boyfriend with the dildo I usually use on myself while calling him a ‘bitchboy’. What can I say, I have a thing for dominating men.” —Tameka, 28 beetlejuice 11. “Told a guy to eat my asshole in a public bathroom stall. He did.” —Jamie, 20 beetlejuice 12. “One night when I was both drunk and high my boyfriend at the time started fingering me and putting more and more fingers in. Before I knew it he was slowly trying to fist me. It hurt but at the same time the feeling really turned me on. I ended up soaking the couch with his entire hand in me about ten minutes later. It was never something I thought I would have liked but damn did I like it.” —Fannie, 23 beetlejuice 13. “This might be something that not everyone can understand but sex when you’re pregnant is amazing. I asked my husband to cum inside me everyday for weeks after I started showing. In my mind he was getting me pregnant over and over again. Something just so hot about it.” —Gina, 33 beetlejuice 14. “I once let a guy cum in my mouth and then spat it back in his mouth. Turnabout is fair play, guys!” —Haley, 25 beetlejuice 15. “Went to a swinger party once and had sex with three different strangers in under an hour while blindfolded. I won’t lie, this was off the chain amazing although I never went back because I could easily see that becoming a lifestyle for me.” —Linda, 29 beetlejuice 16. “A few years ago, I used my dildo on my boyfriend while giving him head. Talk about a power trip.” —Talia, 24 beetlejuice 17. “A guy once went down on me while I was sitting in a lawn chair on his front lawn right after everyone else, including his wife, went inside because the bonfire was out.” —Michelle, 28 TC mark

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