Jennifer, 35
United States, Utah, Sandy
A few words about you: I've grown up in a christian family and my faith has always meant a lot. I have been very privileged in lots of ways and have enjoyed life in all its beauty. At the same time life hasn't always been easy. During the years my trust in Jesus has, by the grace of God, slowly grown and especially when life was painful Christ become more precious. My prayer is that my love for Jesus will continue to increase, that He more and more will be the center of my life.
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)

What are you looking for: I would love to meet some one who is easy going and fun to be around. Look at the life as a blessing and some one I can talk about God with and pray with . Some one who I can relay on and he can rely on me to be there no matter what. I believe in a man honouring his wife and respecting her and helping her .Both are a team. If they pick on one they pick on us both. and he most love our family to be close and do things together and there is nothing he cant tell me or vise versa.I'm not jealous or have any hang ups I'm easy going and am the sort of person some one can rely on and depend on.I would like to have some one who wanted to have kids but if that not possible that's ok I wouldnt mind either. I love kids they are such a blessing and are such special people.

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