stacycaron001, 40
United States, Ohio, Columbus
A few words about you: I consider myself a tender, gentle, and kind lady with good morals and values. Being an optimist, I try to fill every day with positive emotions, and I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. I can be calm and shy, but in fact, I am a strong-willed and ambitious person, and I always achieve my goals. I am interested in everything that surrounds me, as our world is full of interesting things that I am eager to discover. The famous proverb says, "if someone stops learning he stops growing", and I absolutely agree with it. I want to grow and develop spiritually and I will try to maintain harmony in my life. Things that I like to do in Columbus I am a person of an inquisitive bent, and I have a wide variety of interests. I lead a healthy lifestyle, so sports play a very significant role in my life. I like gymnastics, cycling, jogging, and I adore spending time outdoors. I enjoy watching stars in the sky, walking along the beach in the moonlight, hearing the waves of the sea hitting the shoreline and seagulls hovering in the clouds. When left to myself, I usually read a book or listen to music, and I really like good conversation My # 7205233075 text me. Places that I like to take a date in Columbus I will tell you later. I would be interested in meeting someone like I want my soul mate to be reliable, honest, purposeful, and having a great power of spirit. I need a mature man by my side, the one who can be my lover, confidant, and my best friend, the one whom I can trust and rely on. I am searching for a partner who will contribute to the family as an equal as give and take is of primary importance in a relationship. I truly believe that mutual trust and understanding are the main keys to happiness and being comfortable with each other. I am looking for a man who is intelligent and trustworthy, who knows what he wants and how to make a woman happy. Answer this question for me I will tell you later I would like to "Do Lunch" with I will tell you later
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Height: < 5' 0" (< 152 cm)

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